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Alison B

“After 9 years of suffering with Fibromyalgia, thanks to Dr. Silva, I am now PAIN FREE & Prescription FREE! I feel great and have been able to return to my hobbies that I was not able to enjoy before.”

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Melissa H

“For the first time in my entire life, I feel HAPPY! I was previously diagnosed with PTSD and severe anxiety. Ever since childhood, life has been a struggle for me. I have suffered with sleep issues, memory problems, depression and the inability to focus. I…

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Rubi & William S

“Michael had problems with social interactions, sensory issues, self-care, attention and focus. It was hard to go anywhere with him because he would not sit still and couldn’t communicate with anyone. We noticed he had problems at the young age of 9 months old and…

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Liliana G

“My six-year-old son Mathias was very hyperactive, impulsive, had trouble focusing, didn’t understand personal space to the point where we couldn’t even take him out in public. He had been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder at a very young age and later with ADHD. My…

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Mary S

“I had suffered for ten years with sleep issues, terrible headaches, chronic pain and brain fog. I had gone to numerous doctors over the years and thought I had tried everything there was to try with NO results. One day I had seen Dr. Silva’s…

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