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Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy

Adaptive contrast oxygen therapy hyper-oxygenates the cells of the brain and body, thereby initiating the healing and restorative processes

Our oxygenation technology delivers high levels of oxygen to the body at the cellular level. This provides a natural way to maximize the level of physical and mental wellness. Moreover, the benefits of this therapy will continue to work well after the session has completed.

Adaptive contrast oxygen therapy has become increasingly popular with many doctors championing the treatment. The therapy is extremely simple and can be used to prevent or address health problems caused by poor oxygen delivery. Increased levels of oxygen provide stunning results in terms of cell health. What is true for hyperbaric treatment (HBOT) is exponentially true for adaptive contrast oxygen therapy.

Our adaptive contrast oxygen therapy technology combines exercise with oxygen therapy

Higher levels of oxygen translate to more cellular energy, more energy for healing and more energy to perform better in life. When ample oxygen rushes into cells of the body with deficiency, oxygen is no longer the limiting reagent for detoxification of cellular poisons that have been accumulating.

How adaptive contrast oxygen therapy works

During a 15 minute workout done on a stationary bike, we combine higher intensity periods of exercise with higher altitude air and periods of rest at near pure oxygen to rapidly increase levels of oxygen in the blood stream. The exercise does not have to be intense and we can modify the protocol for any fitness and health level.

Throughout the session, the patient will wear an oxygen mask attached to a reservoir containing 95% pure oxygen. Dr. Silva will have the patient do some moderate exercise while monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels while switching back and forth between very low intensity exercise and some more intense challenge periods. Switching between these two modes changes the PH of the blood and allows up to 433% more oxygen into the bloodstream. While some may sweat, the treatment leaves people feeling refreshed for days.